How to Become a member


Corporate gains eligibility for representation on Technical Advisory Committees .For instance, the Association has a working partnership with Kenya Bureau of Statistics and it participates in the Technical committee (TC23). Members are therefore able to table their issues on standardization in supply and installation of firefighting equipment and systems and greatly impact on decisions made on harmonization, regulation and general improvement in the standards in provision of equipment and services.

All members attain the License to use Association of Fire Protection Industry Stakeholders membership certificates.

Corporate also gain from their company details and contact information featured on the AFPIS Kenya website as a provider of choice.
AFPIS is a member of KEPSA, the national apex body of the private sector in Kenya. KEPSA engages with the Executive and the Legislative arms of the government thereby addressing sector specific issues.


• To undertake research and publish findings on the state of the fire industry and disseminate such information to the members and the public at large.

• To act as the official spokesperson of the members in matters pertaining to fire and fire related services.

• To create a level playing field in the fire industry.

• To assist, sensitize and or advise the government and the public at large on matters relating to fire.

• To open chapters and branches nationally, regionally and internationally.

• To promote fair completion in the industry.

• To do all that can reasonably and ethically be done to promote the interests of the members.

• To act as fire monitors and advisors.



The objectives of the association give AFPIS its mandate and justify its existence;
• To set standards for the equipment servicing and training in the fire protectionand suppression industry.

• To represent members in creating regulations in supply and installation of equipment.

• Undertaking related research.


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